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ChiBall: Red

ChiBall: Red CHF 25.00  

The RED ChiBall with Cinnimon fragrance represents the fire element and the season of summer. This colour and fragrance can be used to bring more fun, passion, sensuality and wealth into your life. The RED Chiball is an ideal companion for weight loss exc


ChiBall: Blue

ChiBall: Blue CHF 25.00  

The BLUE ChiBall with Juniper Berry represents the water element and the season of winter. If you feel tired, stressed, lack motivation and feel generally overwhelmed by life, the blue Chiball is the solution. This colour and fragrance purifies the mind,


ChiBall: Yellow

ChiBall: Yellow CHF 25.00  

The colour yellow is associated with the third chakra and is connected to self-esteem, personal ability, self-discipline, personal power and courage. When this chakra is out of balance we are unable to trust life, are consumed with self-doubt, suffer from


ChiBall: Orange

ChiBall: Orange CHF 25.00  

The colour orange is associated with the second chakra and is connected with happiness, joy, playfulness and spontaneity. When this chakra is out of balance we can feel powerless, and can be too rigid and controlling in life. Sweet Orange helps release te


ChiBall: Green

ChiBall: Green CHF 25.00  

The colour green is associated with the fourth chakra and is connected with our ability to give and receive love and be forgiving and compassionate, resentment, bitterness, cold heartedness, self-centredness, loneliness and poor ability to commit to relat


ChiBall: Purple

ChiBall: Purple CHF 25.00  

The colour purple is associated with the sixth chakra, known as the third eye in yoga, and is connected to the desire for knowledge, insight, perception and our ability to be intuitive, mindful and aware of the deeper aspects of life. The inability to fin


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