Judges and Dj 2015

  • salSalah

    Salah is the definition of the word ‘entertainer’. He is a hip-hop dance icon who is adored by millions of fans across the world, and has been a huge influence in the recent popularity of hip-hop dance culture. He is one of the most watched dancers on the planet with massive YouTube popularity. Salah has proved to the world that street artists can be genuine superstars.

    As a competitive dancer, Salah has been victorious at many major events including UK B-Boy Championships and Juste Debout. He is also well versed in numerous street dance styles including popping, locking, breaking and freestyle. Indeed, he has become renowned for his unique P.A.B.E approach, which incorporates Popping, Animation, Boogaloo and Effect styles.

    He is a crowd loving performer, and crowds love him, whose improvisation and unpredictability never fails to make an impact wherever he goes. His performances, whether on stage, in a club or a chance passing by on the street, are unforgettable experiences which have gone on to make him one of the most respected street dance artists worldwide.

    Breathe the Beat is Salah’s vision of teaching his art form, not just technically but also spiritually and mentally. It is his tried and tested method for approaching dance as an empty vessel and to live freely through the music such that it becomes one with his movements, emotions and characters. Salah wants this project to inspire a new generation of dancers to not just dance by the book but to see the power within themselves to tell their story.

    Del Jacket LogoDel Mak
    Del is an award-winning Choreographer & Creative Director from London specialising in creating choreography, dance & movement for TV, Film, Music, Commercials, Live Shows, Fashion & Theatre.

    Del has performed with renowned artists such as Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Lady GaGa, Jessie J, One Direction & Leona Lewis, at the London 2012 Olympic Games, award shows including the MTV Europe Awards, Brit Awards and appeared on TV for TOTP & The X Factor, and on DVD in The Strictly Come Dancing & Step Up Dance Workout.

    Del has choreographed for artists such as The Chemical Brothers, M.I.A, Wiley, McFly & Elbow, and created performances for live broadcasted major award ceremonies including the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, African Music Awards and UK Asian Music Awards. He has been a Creative & Performance Choreographer on UK’s biggest live TV Dance show Sky TV’s Got To Dance as well as having choreographed key commercial campaigns for BMW Mini, MTV, Footlocker, Barclays & Adidas.

    Del is currently an Elite Judge for Hip Hop International having judged at the World Hip-Hop Championships in Las Vegas & regional qualifiers in UK, Germany, Greece, Romania, Hungary & Ireland

    Naomi is a national- and international presenter, teacher, choreographer and dancer in several Hip Hop dance styles. Naomi is from the United States, but lives in the Netherlands for many years. At young age she was and still is involved in the Hip Hop culture. She was (mid ‘80's)one of the first few women in the Break-dance scene. Naomi is member of the Universal Zulu Nation. This is the oldest Hip Hop organization of the world and stands for spreading the Hip Hop culture of all its elements! Because of Naomi's dance skills and enthusiasm she has put her stamp in the Hip Hop dance scene. Naomi has won several awards, like presenter of the year and Hip Hop master trainer of the year. Naomi has her own Hip Hop dance school in Holland where she teaches all kind of Hip Hop dance styles. She is a very well known judge for ceveral Hiphop competitions like Hiphop International Netherlands, Germany and Portugal, judge for Dancemasters, UDO (headjudge) and IDO, just to mention a few, so Naomi knows what to expect from the dancers when they are on stage. Because of her experience in all dance styles she is a very good judge for Hip Hop international.


    J'ai 27 ans, j'habite à Aigle et je suis originaire de Suisse et de Chine. Pratiquant le break dance depuis l'âge de 15ans, cela va faire 12 ans aujourd'hui que je suis passionné par cet art de danse et je m'entraîne régulièrement plus de 15-20 heures par semaine.

    Je suis deux fois Champion Suisse de Break Dance consécutif 2012 et 2013 du Red Bull BC One.

    Ayant remporté de nombreux titres dans des championnats internationaux tels que en France, Angleterre, Italie, Chine, et d’autres pays.

    Avec mon groupe KFM nous sommes également reconnus dans toute la Suisse par nos prestation de show et avons remporté le titre de Champion Suisse en 2010, 2013 et 2014 du R16. Et représenter la Suisse à la final mondial en Corée du Sud.

    Lors d’un championnat en 2008, j’ai eu l’honneur de recevoir le titre du meilleur danseur de l’événement.

    Plusieurs grands projets me sont planifiés en 2014, parmi différentes invitations dans diverses grandes représentations dans le monde :

    Tel que en Chine, en France, en Italie, en Belgique,en Hollande, en Allemagne, au Vietnam, à Las Vegas au Championnat du monde « Hip Hop World Championship ».

    Bilan 2013 de mes prestations :

    J’ai participé à plus de 66 évènements. DONT 36 compétitions, 28 SHOWS, 3 stages, 10 CASTINGS ET 37 VILLES VISITÉES DANS 10 PAYS DIFFÉRENTS.

    Perla Aka Perlson, Danseuse, professeur et chorégraphe suisse. Membre de la compagnie Wanted Posse et du collectif Dbz Fam. Gagnante des qualifications du Juste Debout 2012, 2013 et 2014 en House et Hip-hop en Suisse, en Italie et en Suède. ¼ de finale au Juste Debout Mondial 2014. Gagnante du Cercle Underground 2013 et élue Best Dancer au dernier Suprême 2014.


    Membre actif du Crew SCRAMBLING FEET depuis 2009, Stéphane fait ses
    débuts dans la danse à l'âge de 16 ans.
    Commençant d'abord par le POPPING, il est directement attiré par ce que l'on
    nomme aujourd'hui le HIP HOP NEWSTYLE.
    Adoptant un style Hype avec une touche d'influence africaine, il participa et remporta
    des Battles En Suisse ainsi que dans certains pays Européens.
    Stephane est aussi un membre actuel du Collectif DIRTY UNDERGROUND.
    Voici quelques Battles auquel il a participé ou remporté :
    Nationales :
    Battle Reprezent yourself – Lausanne, 1ère place
    Montreux jazz Battle, 1ère place
    Battle Positive Soul - Genève, 1ère place
    Battle Jaia Genève, 1ère place
    SDK Swiss preselect.- Lausanne, 1ère place. 1
    Red Bull Beat It – Lausanne, 1ère place
    Internationales :
    Flavourama Battle , Salzbourg (Autriche), 1ère place
    Battle Summerdance – Barcelone (Espagne) 1ère place
    Energies Urbaines – Besancon (France) 1ère place
    Italy Best Flava – Rome (Italie)
    Finaliste du Cercle Underground – Paris (France)
    Demi-Finaliste du SDK Europe – Brno (Republic Tchèque)


    1983 Hip Hop pioneer in Holland
    Dutch Champion with Perfect Combination
    Tour Alex and the City Crew
    Electric Boogie Men. Two record releases.
    Dynamic Rockers.
     Madonna in Paris
     Randy Crawford in Germany
    Support-act van 
    Run DMC in Jaap Edenhal
    World Champion in Montecatini in Italy
    Show with Keith Sweat in Paradiso
    Campaign Philips Tour for the Taper label
    Campaign Coca Cola
    Support-act Destiny’s Child
    Show LL cool J in London
    Tour with Allure
    Tour with Destiny’s Child
    Video clip RMX Crew
    Project Leader at Festival Hip Hop Summit in Amsterdam 
    Project Leader at 
    Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)
    2007​ Organizer Battle of the Year in Paramaribo
    Dance workshops in Suriname
    Working with children at the Peace Flame House in BosniaOpening Bijlmer Station, dancing for princess Máxima
    Established HipHop school FAYA in Suriname
    Tool Box at Artfactor Netherlands
    Dance teacher in Warrekam 
    Dance History teacher 
    ROC Dance Education, Utrecht
    Social worker with young people in Laren via 
    Dance workshops in Bosnia
    Establisher Botycaricom in Suriname
    Dance history teacher and coordinator  Highschool ROC Utrecht
    Swiss Hip Hop Championship
    Coordinator dance department ROC Utrecht
           Established Danceschool Dynamic Dance Lab 
    2013         Jury SWISS HIP HOP CHAMPIONSHIP
    2013        Projectleader  Batlle Back to the Roots Almere Netherlands
    2014        Project
    leader   City VS City battle Almere Netherlands
       Jury Portugal Hip Hop Chamionship.
    2014      Projectlea
    der battle Can’t Stop Won’t Stop at Almere Netherlands
    2001-2015  dance workshops at several schools and institutes”.


    Antonella “Miss Funk” Sorbello.

    She starts dancing like hip hop coreographer in 1997for deep passion and increasing wish to develop the hip hop culture and street dance. She studies and improves different styles of this incredible culture around the world (N.Y., Los Angeles, Paris, Italy).

    Specialized in house dance and funky style, she startsdancing like freestyler about 7 years ago and she competes to many national and international competitions, obtaining good results and satisfaction:




    Streetfighters who’s the best hip hop dancer” Italy 2008  best Italian crew -1° place - mix style.

    Give it up Italy 2009 - 1° place 2vs2 - Locking category.

    Master Powerade Sicily” 2002-2003-2004 - 1° place best crew - mix style.

    “Lock the Beat” 2014 - 1° place - 3vs3 and 1vs1 Locking category - Florence (Italy).

    House dance Europe” 2010 - finalist house dance category -  Sorrento (Italy).

    I’m the one” 2007 - finalist - 2vs2 Locking category - Napoli (Italy).

    “I’m the One” 2008: finalist - 1vs1 House dance cat.- Napoli (Italy).

    “Juste Debout 2009 - finalist 2vs2 Locking cat. -Firenze (Italy).

    “Mp Event 2010 - finalist 2vs2 Locking category -Salerno (Italy). 

    “Juste Debout 2014 - finalist - 2vs2 Locking - Amsterdam (Holland).

    “Female Jam “Florence” 2015 - finalist - 2vs2 Mix style - Firenze (Italy).

    Juste Debout” 2006- 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010 -2011 - 2012 - 2vs2 locking category - Paris (France).

     Other competitions, guest and Judge:

    “World Hip hop Dance Championships” - 2012 -2013 - 1vs1 Locking. category Las Vegas (USA)

    “Foolz 4 funk” 2010 - 1vs1 House Dance andLocking category Roma (Italy).

    SDK Europe Dance battle” 2012 - 1vs1 House dance & Locking categories - London (UK).

    Judge to “Swiss Hip hop Competition - 2011 -2012 -201- 2014 - Lausanne - Geneve (Switzerland).

    Funky Fresh” 2013 - Italy - 1vs1 locking - Modena (Italy). “Funky4Generation” 2014 - 1vs1 Locking category - Stockolm (Sweden). 

    Italy Best Flava” 2014 - 1vs1 Locking category -Roma (Italy).

    “Who’s that lady” 2014 - 1vs1 Locking category - Torino (Italy).

    “House Dance Forever” 2015 - 1vs1 House dancecategory -Amsterdam (Holland).

    Judge and Presenter to “Skill Zone Hip hop Competition”2015 - Palermo (Italy).

    Judge to Hip hop International 2015 - Portugal.

    Judge and Presenter to “Shadow in The Circle”2015 - Palermo (Italy).

    adrianeAdrienn Réz

    • Dance/performanceRecent works:
      • * Radioactive (full evening dance show) – Assistant Director and Dancer
      • * Old summer (musical) – Assistant Choreographer
      • * International Judge at 2012 World Hip Hop Dance Championship (junior and varsity
      • category)
      • * International Judge at 2013 HHI Romanian Championship
      • *  Street Beat (full evening dance show) - Assistant Director and Dancer
      • *  Gone with the wind (musical) – Assistant Choreographer
      • * International Judge at 2013 World Hip Hop Dance Championship (junior and
      • megacrew category)
      • * Hyppolit, the butler (musical comedy) – Assistant Choreographer
      • * Elite International Judge at 2014 HHI Romanian Championship
      • * Elite International Judge at 2014 HHI Russian Championship
      • * Head Judge at 2014 HHI Swiss Championship
      • *  Elite International Judge at 2014 HHI Portugal Championship
      • * Stereo Street (full evening dance show) - Assistant Director and Dancer
      • *  Elite International Judge at 2014 World Hip Hop Dance Championship (junior and
      • Current professions:
        • Elite International Judge – Hip Hop International
        • Event director and National Judge – Hip Hop International Hungary
        • Choreographer and Dance Teacher
        • Major awards:
        • 2011. IDF World Dance Championship 6th place (hip hop formation), 6th place (show dance small group-as a choreographer too), Italy
        • 2011. Queen Dance Unit 2nd place (hip hop duo-as choreographer too), Hungary
        • 2010. IDF World Dance Championship 5th place (show dance formation), Hungary
        • 2009. IDF World Dance Championship 2nd place (show dance duo), Spain
        • 2008. IDF World Dance Championship, 6th place (show dance small group), Croatia
        • 2008. IIG European Champion (show-folklor formation), Hungary
        • 2007. IDF World Dance Championship 6th place (show formation), Italy
        • 2003-2011. 10 times Hungarian Champion (hip hop formation, show dance formation, Dance groups:
          • * 1993-2011. Majorette Group of Szeged (dancer, choreographer)
          • * 1999-2012. Pavane Hungarian Historical Dance Group (dancer, choreographer)
          • * 2002-2010. Contrast Dance Studio (dancer, choreographer)
          • * 2010-2012. Hypnology Dance Crew (dancer)
          • * 2014- : Confidance (teacher and choreographer) 
        • small group and duo, show-folklor formation, contemporary small group)
      • adult category) 
    • It has been 21 years that Dance is a part of my life. During this 21 years there are many different types that I have been trained in many dance studios and courses. Started with classical and jazz ballet, and it followed into modern dance, contemporary, folk dance, standard and latin dances, musical, show dance and eventually hip hop. I have been to many festivals and competitions in Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia and Turkey. I have been teaching and choreographing for 10 years now and working with juniors, teenagers and even adults, teaching them dancing for fun or any specialized event in many different styles. I am also a fully trained certified Zumba teacher.


    I work as a dancer and a fashion photographer based in zürich I started Bboying since 1999.

    I created my crew on 2004 called Ghost Rockz and we have win 2times BOTY switzerland 2008 / 2009.

    Mario fait ses débuts dans le break en 1996. A partir de 2001, il participe à des compétitions d'envergure internationale avec son crew Deep Trip de Neuchâtel jusqu'en 2010. Aujourd'hui retraité des battles, il continue à être présent dans les différents événements nationaux, lui permettant une vision actuelle mais aussi globale sur les prestations actuelles. Plus spécifiquement, Mario est notamment reconnu pour la propreté et la créativité de ses mouvements.

  • image1Dj Shan Growing up to the hip-hop culture, DJ Shan has taken the road of DJing and has made his name in this discipline since 2006. Membre of the "Bang Ya Head" collective, he has become one of the Swiss references for the New Style's battle of dance (Hip-hop) through the undeniably brillant and original of his music.


    imageDr. lutz Dr. lutz , Ludovic his real first name, from Meyrin (Geneva/ switzerland) become familiar with the hiphop dance by 86 ( bboyin ) . His first contact with the decks in 93/94 with a local group rap then in the cable radio Meyrinfm , where it will be assigned this nickname but also participating in nuit totale disco mobile association(late 90 early 2000) . From 2009-10 he decided to rally his two passions ( dance and mix) by participating in various events including positive soul , liaisons urbaine , OSJ . To his credit evenings palladium, les trois-huizs , the moa , music festivals , groove -n -move Festival, the urban project , the summer break ...



    SebastienDj Scream
    Keep an eye on this young talent! Inspired by funk, soul, deep house, as well as afro beats and alternative music, Sébastien Lopes aka Scream has imposed his own DJ style for over two years. Rooted in hip-hop culture, the basis of his work, he attaches great importance to musical exploration, intelligently blending his electronic influences with hip-hop music. Mastering great classics as well as the newest beats, he constantly explores new territory avoiding hit songs overused by the musical industry to offer original selections.Scream discovers his passion for music at a very young age. Thanks to his brothers, he is initiated with 90’s hip-hop, while his growing curiosity constantly enriches his musical culture. In 2011, after several years of dance Popping, Scream fulfils his desire to mix, starting off on the turntables at several dance events. Since then, Scream, from Lausanne, regularly plays in clubs, bars and festivals throughout French-speaking Switzerland. He has appeared in renowned festivals such as Electrosanne in 2013 alongside artists like Brodinski, Cashmere Cat and Martelo. He appears on the “scène découverte” of the Gravière in Geneva during the Antigel festival, as well as in the programme of the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival playing alongside the great Kaytranada. You got it! 2013 and 2014 were prolific years for this young DJ. We already look forward to discovering his new EP which will be released in 2015. You are warned! Stay connected!

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